Eight Easy Ways To Strum Your Guitar Better! The Art of the Strum! Strumming a guitar is as easy as it is really hard. It’s simple to do but so elusive to do it well. The art of the strum. This lesson will show you how to adapt your approach and technique to fit the feel and style of whatever music that you may find yourself playing. These eight easy ways, tips, steps, techniques, will give you a musical touch and help you to sound better. There is a right way for how to strum a guitar. Strumming should not be taken for granted but instead be a mode of expression and to a statement. Strum away!

How To Bend Guitar Strings! Learn the First Five String Bending Licks Today! Pentatonic Lesson Two. How to bend guitar strings, in tune, with expression, is one of the most important skills for a guitar player to establish. String bending is fundamental to the blues, rock, blues rock, country, soul, funk, a whole host of styles and genres. Doing it well will change your entire guitar experience and help you to establish your very own personality on the instrument. There are tons of different ways to bend strings but only a few basic skills are needed to get started. This video is the second in the minor pentatonic scale series, using the first position of the e minor pentatonic scale as our musical backdrop to learn these techniques. You will learn 5 first licks that you can play tonight, at a show, if you wanted to! These skills are intended for you to use to start to create your own riffs as well. Although designed for a beginner player’s first lesson on the topic, even if you have known how to bend for years, you may still benefit from the lesson. Learn about the first rule of improvisation, from the first pentatonic lesson and apply it to the scale immediately! This lesson is the second in what will be a series of a multitude of lessons on how to both improvise, phrase, learn more positions, applications, variations of t

Five Steps Towards Faster Smoother Chord Changes. Get Over That Hump and Play Those Songs and chord progressions in time! Suggestions and chord changing exercises designed to help you to flow. There are millions of folks that start the journey of guitar playing only to give up when it comes to making chord changes in a timely fashion. I call it “Getting the car out of the garage,” Plenty of people can learn some “Cowboy Chords” but taking those chords and playing a song is the drop off point. It’s tough to do without some clear concise guidance. Those that plow on through eventually figure it out through trial and error. This lesson exists to bypass that struggle! 5 Steps towards faster smoother chords changes is my method, developed through 24 years of teaching private lessons to make this obstacle disappear in a very short time frame. Please take your time and follow these steps and you will be well on your way to actually playing the guitar!

Seven Easy Steps To Get Better At Guitar Right Now!! Guitar Lesson. Learn how you can get better at guitar instantly in seven EASY steps. Strategies to improve your playing right away. This lesson will show you how to get better at Guitar. There are tons of guitar lessons out there but this tutorial goes into how to sound better right away. To improve your guitar playing instantly, simply implement the seven easy tips that are suggested and work them into your own playing. Clean up your guitar playing and improve your sound! I’m playing my Anderson Guitar Works DropTop through the Fractal Audio Axe FX3 and BlueBird Mic (voice) direct into a mixer then recorded trough an irig Pro Duo interface.

Funky Rhythm Guitar Workout! Learn The Essential Funk Guitar Techniques! Playing funky rhythms is super fun, it’s one of my favorite things to do with the guitar and it’s a really usable skill to have. If you are playing with a wedding band or a dance band, you can sit back and funk away. I remember going into a club when I was younger and there was this killer dance band playing. The guitar player was crushing the songs with tasty chords and rhythms. I had tons of guitar experience but hadn’t witnessed funky dance guitar playing like that before! I chased after the style wanting to add that to my arsenal. This lesson will show you the three most important left hand techniques for playing in the style and also how to keep a 16th note strumming rhythm. You will learn to play with some syncopation, getting your funk on!

8 Tips To Help Make Barre Chords Easier To Play! Those barre chords sure can be a challenge when you are first starting out! Getting your fingers in the right spot is tough enough let alone making the notes ring out. This lesson details eight strategies, approaches, to make these easier to master! There are two bonus tips as well to help get you there more quickly. These approaches were developed over my last 24 years of teaching the guitar, I hope that they help you!

How to play your first chord, step by step. Learning how to play basic chords is a part of every guitarist’s journey. While it’s easy for an experienced player to take these for granted, these “cowboy” chords can be a big challenge for those who are just starting out. This lesson will focus on how to build a D chord, step by step. These is a method to learning how to physically make these chords happen quickly and with the least amount of struggle. You can use these techniques and strategies to learn to play the other open chords as well. Take these chords and put them into a progression and your playing music! Have fun with your guitar and enjoy the journey.

How To Find Your Own Voice On The Guitar. Playing the guitar is probably the most expressive thing one can do in life. The electric guitar, especially, has a near endless array of possibilities of expression. The best and most iconic guitar artists are instantly recognizable, sometimes requiring only one note to define their sound. How do these players and thousands of others, that you might not be familiar with, achieve this established voice? This discussion will list some of the ways that you can reach this goal for yourself. You can make choices to be a reflection of your true self, through music, along with allowing your personality to simply happen by getting out of the way. Find out how to be your own unique guitar artist.

Faster Fingers Workout For Beginner Guitarists! As a new guitarist, one of the most frustrating things is not being able to control and move your fingers very well. This issue can lead to chord changes being harder then they need to be along with a host of other issues. In this lesson I will show you a few, tried and true, really simple exercises to get your fingers moving! This simple workout will help you to improve faster and make playing the guitar more enjoyable. Make to sure take your time and do them correctly.