Just Another Story

Release Date: 2015-12-24
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Description Of My Song

“Still Chasing”

“Still Chasing” is a song written by Jeff Marks. The track is an acoustic rock song with a powerful melody line. The JD Strum formula is introduced here, acoustic rhythm guitar and electric rhythm guitar layered together, lots of vocal harmonies. This track features some interesting chord changes and a message of of yearning for more.

“On And On”

“On And On” is the second track on “Just Another Story”, written by Jeff Marks. The track is a rocker with lyrics about “making it” in a band, or not. Lots of guitar solos in this one. The formula for JD Strum again is on display, with Drew playing the electric guitar lines.

“The Way She Walks”

“The Way She Walks” was written by Drew Bentley. This song features a lot of vocal harmony. It is upbeat and energetic. The intro guitar part has a Celtic feel. This song is about infatuation.


“Everything” is a track written by Drew Bentley. This song has Beatlesque chord changes. The song written about finding that one right girl.

“Crazy Crazy Way”

“Crazy Crazy Way”, written by Drew Bentley, is a ballad with an Eagles type vibe. This tune features a very catchy melodic line.

“Empty Chair”

“Empty Chair”, written by Jeff Marks, is one of the singles on the record. Empty chair is full of hooks and is a crowd favorite. Drew’s guitar solo is one of his favorites that he has tracked.

“Heart To Pen”

“Heart To Pen”, written by Drew Bentley and Jeff Marks, is a prime example of the JD Strum sound blending acoustic and electric guitars. This song has an interesting melodic line and some more exotic chords. The song is about a futile love letter.


“Borderline” is a cover song done by Jeff Marks. This is an intimate version of the song made famous by Madonna.

“The Drag”

“The Drag” was written by Drew Bentley and Jeff Marks. “The Drag” is the heaviest song on the album. This song is written about a relationship going sour. The Drag is the other single on the record and a crowd favorite.

“It’s All Good”

“It’s All Good”, written by Drew Bentley and Jeff Marks, is an upbeat funky song. The track is about letting go and enjoying your life.

“I Want To Know”

“I Want To Know”, written by Drew Bentley and Jeff Marks, is a crowd favorite as well. This song is powerful and uplifting, written about where in the world is going and what can we do to make it a better place.

“Now I See It”

“Now I See It” was written by Jeff Marks and is a jazzy light rock tune. This is a song about seeing what really matters in life. It’s about finding that tragedy can lead to triumph.

“A Bird’s Eye View”

“A Bird’s Eye View”, composed by Drew Bentley, is a solo acoustic guitar piece. There is a spiritual undercurrent, contemplating the afterlife. This version was recorded in an old-school, in the hallway, with tons of natural reverb.

Album Review

J.D. STRUM – JUST ANOTHER STORY (no label) Singer/guitarist Jeff Marks and guitarist/singer Drew Bentley first formed J.D. Strum, when Bentley accompanied Marks to perform at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg. Since then, J.D. Strum has been performing in and around their native Pittsburgh area, and has issued their debut CD, Just Another Story. J.D. Strum defines their collective sound over Just Another Story’s thirteen tracks as a mix of acoustic and electric rock and roll, with an emphasis on catchy melodies, crisp vocal harmonies and warm, easy-to-digest lyrics. A number of songs deal with relationship ups and downs; the upbeat “The Way She Walks,” “Everything” and “Crazy Crazy Way” are happier in tone, expressing fascination and wonder about significant others. On the other side of the coin, the stern, harder-edged rocker “The Drag” lashes out at mind games and deception; “Heart To Pen” pleads for more time to make it work; and “It’s All Good” chalks up an ended relationship to life experience. The introspective opener “Still Chasing” examines personal drive and ambition, and the edgy “On And On” explores the music career dream. The group also includes one remake, an acoustic folk treatment of Madonna’s “Borderline.” The performances are tasteful, with Marks’ calm, mildly soulful vocal delivery coming through warm and clear; supported by Bentley’s jazz-flavored guitar licks and occasional sterner riffing. Assisting the duo