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“Bold Horizon”

“Bold Horizon” is the title track from the album. This song is inspired by pieces like “Band On The Run” where there are multiple song parts, pieced together, making for an interesting journey. The name “Bold Horizon” stands for living life as exciting adventure. Who knows what’s around the corner?

“Carpe Diem”

“Carpe Diem” is the get up and go track. This is a rocking piece, upbeat and energetic. The composition revisits the sections to cycle to a crescendo. This track is named “Carpe Diem” because it makes you want to get out of bed and hit the ground running. Attack the day!

“Cloak And Dagger”

“Cloak and Dagger” is an interesting composition. It’s basically a blues with a harmonic minor environment. The B section is a stark contrast to the A section by design. Notice the chord changes for the solo as a nod to B.B. King. The track is named “Cloak And Dagger” because it sounds like a tune from a spy movie or maybe more like a western.


“Daydreams” is a jazzier tune and is the first track on the record to include keys. The tune starts with a chord melody then goes through A B and C sections. The track is called “Daydreams” because it takes you to a peaceful place.

“Distant Worlds”

“Distant Worlds” was written partially in a dream, the changes and melody were all there and promptly recored upon waking. This song has spiritual meaning. The string quartet section was done completely with electric guitar and the solo at the end was especially fun. The track is named “Distant Worlds” not knowing what’s beyond…

“Muscle Car”

“Muscle Car” is the rocker on the record. One can think of nothing more Rockin’ then driving a Hemi Cuda’ down the highway at incredible speeds! This tune is supposed to elicit that emotion. This track is named “Muscle Car” to celebrate the excitement of a kick ass car!

“Miles Apart”

“Miles apart” is the only true blues tune on the record. This song features a legit Hammond C3 Oregon through a Leslie speaker. The song plays a repeating 12 bar pattern over some jazzy changes with a bridge strategically placed in the middle. The track is called “Miles Apart” because it could represent the emotion of a metaphysical and also a physical distance in a relationship.

“The Open Road”

“The Open Road” is a nod to the Jimi Hendrix rhythm stylings and soaring lines make for good contrast. The track is called “The Open Road” due to its whimsical nature reminiscent of flying down the highway without a care in the world.

“Maiden Voyage”

“Maiden Voyage” is the most adventurous track on the album. The song begins with an A section that is reminiscent of the Allman Brothers. The B section has a rocking kind of a vibe leading into the C-section and D sections with lots of changes. Steely Dan is the largest influence for the changes on this track. The title “Maiden Voyage” was chosen due to the unpredictable nature of the chord changes leading to a placid, almost smooth jazz, section at the end. The ship leaves for an adventure and experience’s stormy adversity but in the end makes its destination unscathed.

“Horizon Reprise”

“Horizon Reprise” restates the “Bold Horizon” theme that starts the record. This track is also a nod to the Jimi Hendrix sound. Fuzzy and jamming.

Listener Reviews December 31, 2018 By Bruce Sokolovic

Few records are capable of defying a specific genre while retaining an ongoing cohesiveness to the album. But guitarist Drew Bentley’s self-produced, Bold Horizon, is aptly named due to each track taking on its own vibe best described as “thoughtful arrangements unto themselves,” yet cohesive enough to form a solid collection of work. Fans of instrumental guitar in the vein of Eric Johnson/Andy Timmons/Prashant Aswani/Steve Morse will find something to like in each of these tunes.

Bentley employed the help of Brian Edwards on drums, George Elliot on bass, and Scott Anderson on keys. The Fuchs and CARR amps Drew uses throughout (and numerous guitars) are well mannered, recorded traditionally with a great mic into a great preamp. This translates beautifully in the recordings.

Showing off a keen sense of melody, there is an underlying mastery of the guitar that is apparent in each track. Never too over the top, you will not find any licks or tricks here that are impossible to execute without three hands. The record is approached with thought to the song, as opposed to something to prove and dazzle an attention defunct listener. Bluesy, hard rock and smooth jazz type melodic themes do not struggle for space, but coexist harmoniously—often in the same song. The songs are allowed to breathe and the parts are well thought out to flow nicely into one another.

This is a great sounding recording, with excellent balance, depth and polish, and the drum sounds are particularly impressive, sitting a bit forward in the mix (in a nice way). At times, we wished the guitar was a bit more up front, though. This record is a solid effort, though, and well worth a listen. Thoroughly enjoyable.



An amazing friend in the most hard-working musician that I have ever known, Drew Bentley has dropped his solo album, after years of diligent recording hours. For fans of a true masters, this is pure artistry for the ages. As beautiful as it is complex, it will take you back to a time when the word “musician” was reserved for lifelong students of a nearly extinct craft. I hope you’ll give it a listen and indulge in this incredible work of art. Amazing job, and congratulations on a job well done Drew!!


Dave Minda, Recording Artist

Drew, the CD is tremendous!!I cannot stop listening to it.Great songwriting, great tones, great playing, great production.Just absolutely hands down one of the best guitar albums I’ve ever heard!Lots of Steve Morse, Johnny A, Steve Lukather, and Eric Johnson influence evident, but never ever a copycat.You should be very proud with your accomplishments!!Bravo, Maestro!

Heath Kipp, Author of “The Band Book” and DaPhunk Band leader

Hi everyone, I waited patiently, and finally received my long awaited Drew Bentley CD: “Bold Horizon”.Drew has been my friend for many years.He’s also the amazing Guitar Player for DaPhunk Band.

Drew spent many years putting this CD together. I have to say, I LOVE IT!!! I listened to it twice last night!!I can’t wait to listen to it again.This is a fun disc!There’s a lot going on and it makes you want to listen to it over and over.

Drew has some of the best musicians in Pittsburgh playing on this release.Among others, he has my favorite Pittsburgh jazz drummer: Brian Edwards.The musicianship from the players on this CD is obviously way above what we all usually hear.

I’m a huge fan of guitar gods like Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai.You can hear obvious influences from these guys, but Drew goes in many other directions as well.The sound textures vary from song to song.Drew’s versatile playing style blazes thru jazz, rock, blues, and much more.This CD is for those of us who like more than one kind of dressing on our musical salad.There’s something for everyone on this record!

Well done Drew!!!

Message Drew Bentley to pre-order your CD today!!

You won’t be sorry with this one!


Billy Hibbert, guitarist, singer songwriter

I listened to Bold Horizon without knowledge of style. Drew’s tenacious desire, hours working his craft and love of creating jump off the disc.
From the start Drew sets you at ease with a melodic introduction. Within a few measures a powerful shift. Tremendous technique, soft, tough, rock, jazz, blues. Music to put on and leave on.
Great production, great balance.
Players: Scott Anderson-Keys, Brian Edwards-Drums, George Elliott-Bass
10 well crafted instrumentals. You’ll ride along as the music plays.
Download or disc:


A.E. Honnick, Singer Songwriter

Driving around the Burgh blasting one of THE BEST new albums to come out of Pittsburgh in decades. Congratulations Drew Bentley on a fantastic album and release. This is stuff kids dream about!!! Bravo Maestro.


Dante Romito,Pro Guitar Player, Recording Artist-

I’m so excited for Drew. This CD has been a lot of work, and the effort has paid off. This is a wonderful day, the CD is officially available. Oh yeah, and the writing, playing, musicianship, band, and production are top notch. Please check it out!


Heath Kipp, Author of “The Band Book” Band  DaPhunk Band leader

Hello Friends,

Fans of DaPhunk Band will be happy to hear that our Funky Guitar Player: Drew Bentley has released his new solo CD.I love this CD!There’s something for everyone here!Drew is a monster player.Not many guitar players in town can come close to his level of talent.Great songs and great musicians.Get your copy today!!!

My favorite local drummer (besides Bob) is on this CD also.Brian Edwards does a great job as always!!


Jason Wilding, Wampler Pedals

I must admit, I completely forgot but have listened to it now! I really like it as it’s offering something slightly different from what I would usually listen to – has to be said, your tone is killer! I particularly like Miles Apart, as I’m a sucker for chromatic passing phrases and this is choc full of them!


CJ Masciantonio, Galactic Empire, Unparalleled Height-

My old friend and former guitar teacher Drew Bentley just released his debut album “Bold Horizon” truth musicianship shines on this record and it’s awesome hearing how far he’s come as a guitarist and songwriter. It’s like I always say, I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance from the start. Get a copy today!


Check out this amazing CD! Drew embodies music and his CD is awesome! Great talent, congratulations on the cd release Drew!



So Drew Bentley giving your album another listen on the way into town today… Good Stuff. Love the salsa blues vibe of Cloak and Dagger…

I’ve been waiting til I could pick out a favorite ‘song’ from your cd but it’s been hard because I like so many of them!Very well done!I wish you much success!! 



Drew is a tremendous guitar player, master teacher and great friend. Pick up his CD, you’ll dig it!!



Go out and grab this record. Drew absolutely killed it on this album!