A Prelude to the Coming Debut Solo Album

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Description Of My Song

“Fork In The Road”

“Fork In The Road” Is a blues rock track based on a riff. The song is full of twists and turns, with lots of intricate rhythm guitar. “Fork in the road” Is about the decision-making in choosing the road less traveled.

“You And Me (First Dance)”

“You And Me (First Dance)” is a ballad written to be used as the bridal dance for a wedding. The track features both steel and nylon string acoustic guitars, fretless bass and congo drums. The song is intimate and heartfelt.

“Little Games”

“Little Games” is a blues rock track with lots of interplay between the bass, drums and the guitar. This song is about mind games in relationships.

“A Bird’s Eye View (Version 2)”

“A Bird’s Eye View (Version 2)” is a second take of the original “Birds Eye View” track featured on the JD strum record. This version is in a controlled studio environment unlike the original which features natural reverb.