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Brand New Album “Bold Horizon”

 Hello my friend,

I would like to share a few words with you about my brand new album, recently released on February 21st!

   Bold Horizon” the title suggests the promise of a brand new day. A chance to do it right this time around. It’s not the past that matters but the promise of an adventure around the corner. I often think of life as driving in the fog, looking out for deer and fallen branches. What if we were able to lift those blinders and see far into the horizon? What if we could rise above our limits and make our visions a reality? Each of us has a plan that we want, in our heart of hearts, to execute. A dream that’s larger than life. The thing that is bigger than ourselves. We don’t think of Paul McCartney as old but as Sir Paul. None of us are truly limited by our physical bodies and life span. Music has an amazing healing and motivating quality. The soundtracks of our lives help to heal us in times of trouble and bring us great joy in times of celebration. “Bold Horizon” is one man’s attempt, a contribution, to add to the collective of music to help heal and celebrate this crazy life.

     I set out to make my first solo album with some distinct things in mind. Those of you, who know me well, know that I can be, maybe, a bit intense. I wanted to do an instrumental album, like the ones that I’ve always love listening to. “Passion and Warfare”, “Avia Musicom”, “Blow By Blow”, “High Tension Wires”, to name a few. I have wanted to do this type of record dating back to hearing “Rising Force” for the first time, having been blown away by it, and all of the records that I’ve mentioned. I wanted to infuse a number of musical styles, to use a number of different guitars and pedals and amp combinations. I hoped to capture the best sounds that I could and put my heart into it. I wanted to write interesting arrangements for the pieces, to focus on composition and melody and use the guitar to sing. I can certainly say that I gave it my all. The spirit of the music is meant to be uplifting, encouraging and hopefully will give a little joy to a troubled world. Bold Horizon is dedicated to those who want to embrace a spirit of adventure.

Like to hear some song samples? Just click on the link below, or if your already on the site visit the music page.


$9.99 Digital Download $19.99 CD and digital download!

thank you for your support!


$19.99 CD and digital download!

thank you for your support!


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